Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How the dimples came (Story)

One bright, beautiful spring day, when the earth was fresh in its new green dress decked with flowers, while the birds sang their sweetest songs, and the brooks babbled merrily on their way to the rivers, two wee dimples were sent by Mother Nature on a journey to find their work in the world.

It was a delightful journey through the blue sky and past the fleecy white clouds.

They played and danced with the sunbeams who led them on their way to the earth.

The dimples could see nothing for them to do, so on they went, frolicking and playing.

At last they found themselves among the trees and the bright flowers of the earth.

They chased the sunbeams under the leaves, they rode on the butterflies' wings, they sipped the honey with the bees from the flowers. Still, they could find nothing to do. The sunbeams bade the dimples good-by and silently crept home. "Oh," said the dimples, "what shall we do? We have no place to rest tonight." "Here is a bird's nest; let us rest in this," said one dimple. "No, that will never do," said the other dimple, "for there is the mother bird, who rests in her nest all night."

Just then they spied a window swing open on its hinges. The tiny stars came out and peeped into the window, and the lady-moon sent silvery moonbeams down to help the dimples find a resting place. Then the dimples flew through the window, and there, close by, in her crib, curtained around with white, was a wee baby, rosy, sweet, and bright.

"Oh," said one dimple, "I would love to rest on that rosy cheek." "So would I," said the other dimple. And they each took a rosy cheek for a couch, and here they rested the whole night long.

The robins early in the dawn sat on the cheery boughs and sang loud and long, thus waking the dimples, who now knew not what to do. "But," said one dimple, "we have not yet found our work." The other dimple said: "Let us stay here. Baby's eyes are opening, and we must hide," and each dimple nestled away in baby's cheeks. Then her big, blue eyes opened wide, to see the sunbeams that had crept through the windows to her crib.

The sunbeams coaxed the dimples to come out and play, but the dimples would only peep out, and when they did, they brought smiles around baby's rosy lips and sunny eyes.

"So you have found your work at last," said the sunbeams. And they had, for they helped to bring out the smiles in baby's cheeks. If you look the next time you see baby you may see the dimples playing hide and seek.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Scooby Doo meets the Adams Family - Part 4

Scooby Doo meets the Adams Family - Part 3

Scooby Doo meets the Adams Family - Part 2

Scooby Doo meets the Adams Family - Part 1

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kids...Do you wanna solve these worksheets....

Hey Momma/Dadda, Chkout the links below where you can find some useful worksheets for your kids to solve...Being in the United States, somehow I've always had the fear of my kid going to school here...Cos anyday you might have to go bac to ur roots, India and the pressure to cope up with our Indian Syllubus falls totally on the lil ones....Why not prepare them beforehand so that they gel with our Indian standards easily...Links below are one of those tools...Hopefully you should get benefited from them...

Kids, Itz always fun to test yourselves in test of time...Don't you think so...I'm sure you would come out with these working sheets in flying colors...You can do it my lil friend...ALL THE BEST DEAR ONES...lemme know how gud you all scored in ur worksheets...C ya...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When is Thamizh New Year and how its calculated...!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Everyone dreams!

I Had the Weirdest Dream Last Night!
You hold on tight as you fly through the air. The wind blows your hair off your face, as the giant bird on which you ride dips and turns. The giant bird makes a dive for the ground. The Earth gets closer and closer. At the very last second the bird swoops up as your feet barely hit the ground, and then takes off again. This is an awesome trip! 
The next day you smile as you think of your adventure the night before. You close your eyes and remember how tiny the world looked as you and the giant bird swished over the earth. It felt so real. Like riding in an airplane, only better! 
But it wasn't real.  It was a dream.
Everybody dreams every night. But you don't always remember your dreams. People dream during the stage of sleep called Rapid Eye Movement or R.E.M. You spend about two and a half hours dreaming. Most of your dreaming sleep happens between 4:00 and 7:00 in the morning. 
Scientists are not sure why we dream or what we dream. They do know that R.E.M. sleep is important for learning and memory. TV shows, video and computer games, real people, and actual events can show up in your dreams. Your dreams may be related to how you feel, your worries, your hopes, or things you are excited about. 
Source : http://www.sleepforkids.org/index.html

Sleep & You

We need six sleep hours to relax and rejuvenate our brains each night, with an additional one to three hours to repair and restore the body’s cells, say sleep experts. Women need an average of 54 minutes more sleep than men each night, and those who get enough sleep will feel healthier and live longer than men. On average, men make at least 12 full body twists and turns once asleep. They move or twitch more than 70 times a night! 

Sleep helps our body and brain develop and grow.
Your Brain Needs Sleep, so you can:
  • Remember what you learn
  • Pay attention and concentrate
  • Solve problems and think of new ideas
Your Body Needs Sleep, so your:
  • Muscles, bones, and skin can grow
  • Muscles, skin and other parts can fix injuries
  • Body can stay healthy and fight sickness

How Sleep Works
Your Body Rests, But is Also Active During Sleep

You spend the day running on the playground, learning at school, eating meals, and at night your body and brain get to rest, right? Wrong! In fact, while you are off in dreamland, your body and brain are very busy getting ready for a new day. That is why it is so important to give yourself time to sleep. 

Sleep and You
You can be your best when you get enough good sleep!
Kids ages 5 to 12 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night.
When you get enough sleep you can:
  • Pay attention better in school
  • Be creative and think of new ideas
  • Fight sickness so you stay healthy
  • Be in a good mood
  • Get along with friends and family
  • Solve problems better
Without enough sleep you can:
  • Forget what you learned
  • Have trouble making good choices
  • Be grumpy and in a bad mood
  • Have trouble playing games and sports
  • Be less patient with brothers, sisters, and friends
  • Have trouble listening to parents and teachers
Can't Sleep?

Most people have trouble sleeping once in awhile. Some things can keep you from getting a good night's sleep. But there are lots of things you can do to help yourself sleep well.
Can't Sleep?
Sleep Tips PJ Bear Sleep Traps
Some children and adults can have trouble getting a good night's sleep even when they follow all the sleep tips. These people may have a sleep disorder. Some people with sleep disorders don't sleep well at night or are very tired during the day. But, other kids with sleep problems may not feel tired during the day. They might have trouble paying attention, get into fights with family and friends, or feel down and sad. If you are very tired during the day or not sleeping well at night, talk to your parents and doctor. 

Amazing Facts : Smallest, Tallest, Biggest

The size of anything depends on your point of view!
The biggest land animal is African Elephant. It can weigh over 5 tones.
By the side of an elephant, a man looks and feels very small. Yet some animals are so small that a human eye cannot see them. Even among mammals, there are shrews and mice that size less than a human finger and are much smaller than the elephant’s smallest toe. A human being is an enormous creature next to a pygmy shrew, but the largest person in the world is small beside an elephant or a giraffe, which is the tallest mammal, about 6 M (20 ft)
The blue whale is also a mammal, though it lives in the sea. - A land animal as big as a blue whale would be impossible: its bones would not bear its body weight. – If you put an elephant next to a blue whale, it does not look large any more! Yes, the size of anything depends on our point of view!

Source: Find out About.