Friday, April 10, 2009

Amazing Facts : Smallest, Tallest, Biggest

The size of anything depends on your point of view!
The biggest land animal is African Elephant. It can weigh over 5 tones.
By the side of an elephant, a man looks and feels very small. Yet some animals are so small that a human eye cannot see them. Even among mammals, there are shrews and mice that size less than a human finger and are much smaller than the elephant’s smallest toe. A human being is an enormous creature next to a pygmy shrew, but the largest person in the world is small beside an elephant or a giraffe, which is the tallest mammal, about 6 M (20 ft)
The blue whale is also a mammal, though it lives in the sea. - A land animal as big as a blue whale would be impossible: its bones would not bear its body weight. – If you put an elephant next to a blue whale, it does not look large any more! Yes, the size of anything depends on our point of view!

Source: Find out About.